Q: What is ILEA?
A: ILEA stands for the International Live Events Association. The International Live Events Association (ILEA) is the premier society for Event Professionals, connecting you to Austin Event Professionals' networking opportunities locally and beyond. Your membership in ILEA also allows you to build relationships with other professionals in Austin and within the special events industry. 

Q: What is the SEARCH Foundation?
A: Founded in 1997, the SEARCH Foundation supports special event industry professionals in times of crisis through fundraising, and volunteer services donations. ILEA Austin is proud to support the SEARCH Foundation. To learn more about the foundation, click here.

Q: If I join the Austin Chapter am I also a member of the International Chapter?
A: Yes, when you join a local chapter, you also become a member of the overall international organization.

Q: When does my membership expire?
A: No matter when you join ILEA throughout the year (July-April); your membership will expire on June 30th. However, if you join in May or June your membership will not expire until the following calendar year.

Q: How much does membership cost?
A: Annual ILEA membership fees are $350 for individuals; this is a personal membership. Your company name and information will be listed, however, the membership is not transferable to other employees within the company. Recommended for those submitting the membership payment from a personal account or for a single proprietor. 

Q: Does ILEA accept student members?
A: Yes! Student memberships are $50 and are required to provide proof of enrollment at a college or university. Enrollment must be current at the time of joining or renewal. This membership type is limited to four years and is only available to first-time members.

Q: How do I join ILEA?
A: The easiest and fastest way to join ILEA is online at www.ileahub.com. Your membership will be immediately activated and will be valid for 12 months. 

Q: Who can/should join ILEA?
A: ILEA Membership brings together professionals from a variety of special event disciplines including caterers, meeting planners, decorators, event planners, audio-visual technicians, party and convention coordinators, entertainers, educators, journalists, photographers, hotel sales managers many more professional disciplines.

Q: What are the benefits of membership?
A: The association encourages professional development and certification and presents countless opportunities for networking and connecting with industry resources. 

Q: When and where are the ILEA Austin Chapter Educational meetings held?
A: ILEA Austin Chapter Educational Meetings are usually held on the 4th Tuesday of the month. Locations, times, and meeting topics can be found on our Event Calendar.

ILEA meeting notices are sent via our Mailchimp Email List.

Q: Does ILEA Austin accept credit card payments for meetings and events?
A: Yes, you may pay for ILEA meetings online through PayPal or at the meetings with MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover. We also accept cash and check payments.

Q: What type of educational opportunities does ILEA offer to members?
A: ILEA offers comprehensive, year-round, local and international educational experiences for professionals in the special events industry such as ILEA Live: A Conference for Professional Development. ILEA Live is a continuing education conference for the special events industry where attendees have the opportunity to improve their professional skills and knowledge. The traveling conference is held annually in August. Information and registration forms are mailed to members and are also made available online at www.ileahub.com. In addition, ILEA has a “Cooperative Alliance” with Special Events Magazine which produces The Special Event, an annual industry and Conference for Event Professionals in the United States.

Q: Does ILEA offer any type of certification?
A: Yes, the Certified Special Events Professional or CSEP designation. The CSEP designation is the hallmark of professional achievement in the special events industry. It is earned through education, performance, experience, and service to the industry, and reflects a commitment to professional conduct and ethics. The CSEP designation is awarded by the International Live Events Association (ILEA) and its Certification Committee. ILEA is the only international umbrella organization representing professionals in all disciplines of the special events industry. Education and a commitment to professionalism are cornerstones of ILEA. For more information click here.

Q: I would like to log-in to my ILEA account at www.ileahub.com and make changes to my personal information. How can I do that; and what is my password?
A: If you are a new member or have never logged into the International Website, you will use the membership number listed on your ILEA ID; and your password is welcome. However, once you change your password after your first log-in; you will need to retain it for your reference and future entry to the site. If you don’t remember your username or password click here.

Q: What if I can’t make it to a monthly meeting, can I send someone from my company in my place at the member rate?
A: Yes. If you are unable to attend a monthly meeting but would like to send a representative from your company to take your place, they are able to attend at the $35 member rate. However, if you attend along with someone else from your company that is not a member; you would pay the $35 member rate and the additional person would pay a fee of $65.

Q: Why should I serve on the board or join a committee?
NETWORKING: Gain closer relationships with members of the chapter.

EDUCATION: Attending special leadership retreats, and educational parts of the chapter meetings, and be considered for scholarship opportunities.

CHAPTER GROWTH: Recruiting new members, giving input to the chapter for new ideas and improvement, and working with a board.

PERSONAL GROWTH: Gain personal and business relationships and personal achievement to help further your career.

VOLUNTEERING: Getting more involved in the community outside the special events industry.

EXPAND HORIZONS: ILEA allows you to travel the globe, become more cultured and meet other individuals in the industry all over the country.

PROFESSIONAL GROWTH: Work alongside your peers, gain new ideas.

GIVING BACK: What you get our of ILEA is what you put in!

KNOWLEDGE: Learning more about the industry such as new ideas, trends etc

HAVING FUN!!: The main goal for ILEA is for our members is to have fun while networking, learning, and serving as a leader!

Q: How do I promote my business with ILEA?

  • NETWORK – Mingle before and after the monthly chapter meetings and at our Monthly Happy Hours. Monthly Happy Hours are free for Members or Non-Members. Also, come to the various Power Lunches – these are smaller groups with 10-20 event professionals discussing a selected topic – another great way to get to know people in intimate environment.
  • JOIN A COMMITTEE – Contribute a few volunteer hours per month to the chapter working with others who may become customers, refer you to new business or help you land your next job.
  • JOIN THE CHAPTER LEADERSHIP – Become a member of the ILEA Austin Board to increase your contacts and strengthen new relationships.
  • MEMBER’S ONLY TABLE – Utilize the Member’s Only Materials Table at monthly chapter meetings to display your brochures, flyers, announcements newsletters.
  • SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES – Provide venue space, catering, event services, products or materials to showcase your company’s capabilities.
  • RAFFLE AND AUCTION GIFTS – Donations are needed for raffles at chapter meetings and the annual chapter fundraiser; and are recognized during the meeting and in the chapter newsletter
  • ADVERTISE – Advertise your business’ products and services in ILEA Austin chapter.
  • AWARDS – Participate and submit your work for a local, state or international Award.  Our local chapter hosts the Austin Special Event “ASE” Awards…..all you have to do is participate in any monthly educational program to be considered for these awards  On a state level – submit your work for a Texas Star Award.  On an international level – submit your work for an Esprit Award.

Q: How do I get the most out of ILEA?

  • Go to meetings
  • Network
  • Volunteer
  • Join a committee
  • Attend Regional/or national

: What are my member benefits outside of ILEA?

  • Staples business advantage discounts
  • FedEx/Kinkos Discount card
  • Alamo discount
  • DHL/Airborne Express Shipping Discount
  • Shaker Group inc Trade show shipping discount, and MORE