CSEP Certification

What is a CSEP? 

The Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP) designation was established in 1993 to recognize event professionals who have successfully demonstrated the knowledge, skills and ability essential to perform all components of a special event. ILEA endorses and manages the voluntary CSEP program for those who meet established standards. 

Why CSEP? 

Earning your CSEP designation means opening up a package of event excellence that includes the following: 

A stamp of approval: Marketing or soliciting new business? CSEP conveys instant credibility to clients - the only certification that signifies broad knowledge across all facets of the industry.

An elite network: CSEP's don't just 'network' - they make meaningful connections with an elite global community of highly motivated and skilled live events professionals.

A development accelerator: With CSEP, you gain advanced, market-relevant events industry expertise that demonstrates a career-long commitment to personal and professional development.

A bit of swagger: Being able to put the letters CSEP after your name is verification of knowledge, expertise, and excellence.

A collective knowledge: With your CSEP, you are contributing to the industry's overall knowledge base, removing performance uncertainty from your clients' minds and qualifying for higher-level opportunities.

How do I Prepare for the exam? 

Once you've commited to taking the CSEP exam, it's time to prepare for the exam!  While this is an experience based exam, there are many ways to fine tune your skills. 

The Exam Blueprint

The Exam Blueprint is a great way to assess your current skill level.  Many current CSEPs have recommended reviewing this list with a highlighter in hand.  Highlight those line items that you are comfortable with.  Whatever is left, take time to review. 

The Industry Glossary 

The Industry Glossary is a list of terms and definitions published by the Events Industry Council.

Recommended Reading List

A curated recommended reading list, hand-picked from references from the CSEP Exam.

ILEA Education Events 

ILEA is held to an education standard that is based off the ILEA Core Curriculum.  By attending these events, you are exposed to different education opportunities. Connect with ILEA at Industry Events.

Your Industry Colleagues 

Because this is an experience based exam, the best way to prepare is to gain more industry experience.  If you are looking to expand your knowledge base, try talking to your fellow industry members about their jobs, work for free, shadow them on an event. The ILEA Communities are a great place to start. Those thinking about taking the CSEP exam are welcome to post questions to current CSEPS in the CSEP Q&A community

Practice Exam

Prepare for the exam experience with one practice exam that allows you to simulate your upcoming CSEP testing experience and understand your domain-level strengths and areas of improvement.

Where can I apply to take the exam? 

CSEP Exam Applications are now being accepted.  Apply here!